March and Green / GMSI Inc. Transcription Labels, Self Adhesive Pockets, and Security Transit Bags

Transcription Labels, Self Adhesive Pockets, Security Transit Bags 

March and Green, Inc –making your life a little easier since 1971. We are a family owned business specializing in specialty products for record keeping and filing. Health Information Management professionals designed the products especially for use in medical record settings.
Our registered trademark products include Time Saver Transcription Labels®, Visu Hold® and Dura Hold® polyethylene pockets for storage of undersized items in file folders and Confidential Couriers for secure transportation of records.

Transcription Labels - Time-Saver®

Our quality Time-Saver transcription labels allow you to add to a file without dismantling your charts, binders or stapled materials. Simply type the new information on the label, remove the backing and apply it to the appropriate page. Time-Saver labels are available in standard or pin-fed sheets, in several sizes.

Self Adhesive Pockets (Transparent) Visu-Hold® and Dura-Hold® Pockets

Our self adhesive pockets are perfect for keeping your files organized. Visu-Hold pockets provide a convenient way to file undersized items. Heavier Dura-Hold pockets combine the same convenience with extra strength for holding more "in demand" items. Both Visu-Hold and Dura-Hold Pockets feature pressure sensitive backing which attaches easily to a wide variety of surfaces including file folders, glass, metal, and plastic. Available in many sizes.

Security Transit Bags (Confidential Couriers)

When security is important, our security transit bag is the answer. This inexpensive, reusable locking transit bag allows you to transfer restricted or sensitive materials from one area or department to another safely. A transparent card holder on the front of the pouch provides routing and delivery information.